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Silipos Body Disc Gel
$14.25, 3 for $40.61
Silipos Gel Body Disc has a pressure sensitive backing for pressure points or blisters on your stump.
Silipos Gel Body Discs are formulated with medical grade mineral oil gel.  Body Discs reduce shear forces,
shock and vibration endured by your residual limb daily.  Approximately 1/8" thick gel disc can be placed
on skin and wrapped w/gauze or bandage.
Silipos Comfort Zone Ultra Cushion Gel Liner
$41.29, 3 for $117.68
Silipos Double/Single Socket ComfortZone Gel Liner
$51.25, 3 for $146.06
Silipos Silosheath Sheath, 2-3mm Gel
Silosheath Gel Prosthetic Sheath offers improved durability because the gel is now bonded to a
long-lasting fabric that is washable, reusable and resists delamination. In addition, sheath stretch has
been improved for superior fit and the new flat, form-fitting seam is well-suited for diabetics and
amputees with sensitive skin...
Double/Single Amputee Socket Gel Liner gel liners are designed to provide maximum mobility and
protection to your residual limb by comfortably conforming around the bony prominence of the below
knee (Trans-tibial) residual limb. The gel liners are adaptable with most prosthetic socket designs,
hand-washable and reusable. These prosthetic socks are manufactured out of 100% Cool Max material.
The Double Socket Gel Liner is a two-layered prosthetic liner sock which is equivalent to a 5 ply sock. It
works like two prosthetic socks...
The Ultra Cushion Gel Liner is a two layer prosthetic liner made with cotton, nylon, and Lycra fabric and
coated with Silipos proprietary gel to cushion and protect the below knee (trans-tibial) amputee from
prosthetic socket friction, abrasion and pressure. This gel stump sock has the same great quality as more
expensive gel liners, at a fraction of the price. Now available in both 3 and 5 ply sock versions.
Silipos Mineral Oil Gel Roll-On
$38.25, 3 for $109.01
Mineral Oil Gel Roll-On uses Silipos' proprietary mineral oil gel, the roll-on can be cut into a band of any
desired width for extra comfort and protection under a prosthetic roll on liner at the bottom end of your
residual limb. The Mineral Oil Gel Roll-On enhances prosthetic socket roll-on liner fit, combats amputee
skin problems and is self-adhesive to other Silipos amputee products. Mineral Oil Gel Roll-On provides
additional cushioning and protects against shear and friction inside a prosthetic socket.
Silipos Gel Distal End Pad
$22.95, 2 for $43.61
The Silipos Gel Distal End Pad protects your residual limb against shear forces, friction, and pressure.
These bottom end pads are made entirely of Silipos proprietary gel for use with an above or below-knee
prosthesis to provide additional comfort and
shock absorption to the bottom of your residual limb.

It is cost effective, lightweight, and measures approx. 1/8" (~3mm) thick x approx. 4" (~10cm) in
diameter and its circumferential edge is carefully tapered for exceptional amputee comfort. The gel pad is
shaped to fit easily in between different sheeting materials and leathers.
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ALPS Skin Reliever Gel Sheath
Lambs Wool
Alps Amputee Padsil Silicone Distal Pads are made from the non-allergenic properties of
silicone. Alps Amputee PadSil Silicone Distal End Pads add more cushioning, softness and
durability to the bottom of your stump as a result of the unique compression set of
characteristics of silicone. PadSils bottom end silicone cushions can be used with
practically every type of prosthetic socket, even inside silicone suction sockets and roll on
gel liners.
The ALPS Skin Reliever Gel Sheath relieves the skin on your residual limb of friction and
shear forces resulting from a loose fitting prosthetic socket.
    Add a Skin Reliever under your prosthetic socks when your residual limb
    experiences shrinkage and your socket feels loose.
Consult with your local Prosthetist if you have concerns with prosthetic socket fit and
comfort level. Alps Skin Reliever also prevents abrasions from prosthetic use. Alps Skin
Reliever has both superior comfort and durability.
Lamb's Wool is recommended for use as compressive dressing in immediate post-surgical
prosthesis procedures. Lambs' wool can also be used in the bottom of a stump shrinker or
prosthetic socket to aid in comfort and protection. Those amputees experiencing lower
extremity limb loss use lambs wool to manage prosthetic socket volume changes.
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Silipos Pressure Relief Gel Padding
Silipos Pressure Relief Padding is perfect for use for lightweight padding. It can be applied to splinting
materials or used to line prosthetic sockets. Please take caution when applying. It insulates against shock
and vibration and conforms to all body contours, effectively eliminating abrasion, shearing and chaffing. It
is a 2mm thick gel sheet with a multi-stretch top cover and is available in size 4" x 36" with an adhesive
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