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Knit-Rite Liner-Liner Prosthetic Sock
$16.99, 6 for $91.75
Knit-Rite X-Wool Prosthetic Sock
$20.50, 6 for $110.70
Knit-Rite Soft Sock-CoolMax with Bottom Hole
$17.50, 6 for $94.50
Paceline (Rx Textiles) TuffToe Prosthetic Socks, 6 Pack
$67.75, 2 for $129.11
Paceline (Rx Textiles) Elastic Fitting Sock
$8.25, 6 for $44.55
Knit-Rite Soft Sock with X Static - Antimicrobial Fibers
$16.50, 6 for $89.10
Prosthetic Amputee Stump Socks
Gel Amputee Socks
(These socks have no sewn hole in the bottom.)
(These socks have a sewn hole in the toe section for liners.)
To maintain an even, comfortable fit, it is necessary to accommodate for any volume changes by
adjusting the thickness of the prosthetic socks. This can be done either by changing to a thicker sock, i.e.,
from a 3-ply to a 5-ply, or by adding another 1- or 2-ply sock over the existing sock. Care must be taken
not to overdo this. If too many socks are used, the socket will not fit properly and may cause discomfort
and skin breakdown.

Half-socks. Amputees with transtibial (below-knee) prostheses often wear half-socks with full-length socks
over them. Worn together, these two socks add needed volume at the bottom of the limb while not putting
too much pressure at the top.

Stump Socks for amputees are a cost effective and extremely helpful tool to protect your skin.
Amputee Socks help remove oils, odors, and other contaminants as well as reduce pain by filling in spaces
(volume) where amputation has shrunk.
Knit-Rite Soft Sock with CoolMax Technology
optional 3S Bottom Hole
$14.50, 6 for $78.30
Comfort Ultra Fit Filler Prosthetic Sock, 6 Pack
$18.35, 4 for $66.06

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Comfort Ply-Two Super Soft Sock
$15.99, 6 for $91.14
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Silipos Comfort Zone Ultra Cushion Gel Liner
$37.25, 4 for $141.55
Silipos Double/Single Socket ComfortZone Gel Liner
$37.50, 3 for $106.88
Comfort Angel Prosthetic Gel Sock
Silipos Silosheath Sheath, 2-3mm Gel
$35.00, 3 for $99.75
Knit-Rite X-Wool Prosthetic Sock
optional 3S Bottom Hole
$20.50, 6 for $110.70