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Knit-Rite Liner-Liner Prosthetic Sock

$13.79, 6 for $74.47
Prosthetic Sock Size 
Buy 6 Liner-Liner socks and get up to an Additional 10% off ($12.41 ea.)
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Liner-Liner Prosthetic Sock Details
Liner-Liner Prosthetic Sock is a new prosthetic sock designed to be worn under a suspension liner next to the skin.
The Liner Liner Prosthetic Sock relieves skin shear irritations and improves comfort with roll on gel liners.
Tested and proven beneficial for amputees who wear liners as the primary interface
Ultra-Thin material minimizes compromise to liner suction grip on skin
X-Static Silver fibers fight bacteria and odor while transporting heat and moisture away from the limb
Washable interface keeps liner cleaner and helps control skin irritations
High stretch for excellent fitting qualities, less sizes required to fit most wearers
Less than One-Ply Thickness
5.8% Lycra Spandex, 94.2% Polyester/X-Static (5%)

Care Instructions:
Wear Clean Socks Each Day
Pre-Spot in Cool Water
Machine Wash and Dry
All Purpose Detergent, No Bleach
Rinse Thoroughly
Please Note: The above illustration
shows the Liner-Liner Prosthetic Sock
inside a roll on gel liner with plunger
pin.  The "Liner-Liner" is a prosthetic
sock and not a locking pin liner.
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Measuring for Knit-Rite Prosthetic Liner Liner Stump Sock:
Nearly 90% of the amputees who use stump socks can be correctly fitted with a stock size sock because the knitted
construction has a stretch which allows a fitting range. Nevertheless, some measurement guidelines can be helpful.

Measure your limb circumference at the "top" of the socket
Measure the "toe" limb circumference 2 inches up from the bottom end
Measure from the bottom end of your stump to the top of your prosthesis. Decide which length is most

Use the table below to determine the correct size sock for your limb.
1 TOP Circumference
Measure your stump at
the very top of your
2 TOE Circumference
Measure 2" up from the
bottom of your stump
3 Select Length

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