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Post Amputation PALGuard Amputee Limb Guard
Post Amputation PAL Guard Amputee Limb Guard
Post Amputation PAL-Guard is used to enhance below-knee prosthetic
treatment programs using traditional shrinkers or wrappings by
preventing wound trauma to the unprotected amputation. Three sizes allow most limbs to be fit after amputation
and/or prior to discharge. The adjustability of the lightweight system, ease of donning and doffing, and the ability to
remove and clean the Coolfoam liner makes this product especially effective for amputees with recent amputations.
The PAL-Guard can be a valuable component of a comprehensive prosthetic rehabilitation program to prepare an
amputation for future prosthetic fittings.

Key Benefits
Prefabricated, protective post-operative amputation limb guard.
Allows for wound inspection and cleaning of amputation.
Considerable adjustability to fit most amputee limbs—3 sizes.
Velcro strapping aids in suspension and accommodation of unusual amputee limb shapes.
Coolfoam liner for increased comfort and decreased perspiration.
Liner can be removed and washed for improved hygiene of amputee limb.
Waist belt and suspension strap included.
Lateral uprights help to align the limb and prevent knee flexion contracture.
Prevents edema and helps to shape the amputation to prepare for prosthetic fitting.
Removable distal end pad, bottom cushion.
Replaces post-operative rigid cast after surgical procedure.
Lightweight, durable copolymer shell for added protection.

Post-operative protection of the below knee limb to reduce the risk and incidence of wound trauma
Provides compression and edema control when applied over dressings, shrinkers or prosthetic socks.
Used to assess compliance during early stages of wound healing.
Intended for non-ambulatory use only.

Sizing of PAL Guard:
Please take a side-to-side measurement 1" above the bottom of your amputation and use that measurement to determine which shell diameter your limb will fit comfortable inside.
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